They are real!

Women 1

Out culture for girls is very Barbie and Princess driven. Those are the examples that parents are letting their girls grow up looking at. That is a very fake and unrealistic view of life. I saw one mom on Pinterest who decided to break that cycle with her daughter and instead of putting these views in to her daughter’s head found real women in history who had real lives and did things that impacted the world in good ways.
I was looking for books at the library and saw this book on the shelf, and with this still fresh in my head I thought of what a good idea it is, to give our daughters and ourselves the right view of life. So I decided to go through this book and see the different women in history and read about them. I also decided that it would be a good idea to put it up on my blog and put it out there that we don’t have to stick to the normal view of what the world is telling us to look at.
There are more pictures then normal because I wanted to show how many women there are that we have for examples in this book alone from the Table of Contents. 🙂

Woman 2Women 3 Women 4 Women 5 Women 6 Women 7 Women 8


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